Are Electronic Cigarettes a Health Risk?

Electronic cigarettes against normal cigarettes are a quite debatable subject across the globe. That is because people try to find out the true behind the electronic cigarettes that appear as an innovation in the cigarette industry. Anyway, health is precious for any person that lives across the globe. Therefore electronic cigarettes are more studied by people that want to make sure of their good work and of the fact that they do not pose a threat to the user’s health.


Electric cigarettes come as a help

It was discovered that normal cigarettes include over 4,000 chemicals that can make a lot of harm to the health of the user. An electric cigarette does not contain all these 4,000 chemicals but it contains nicotine. Nicotine can be quite bad for people that use it excessively. Therefore, a large amount of nicotine can include different health risks live receiving serious diseases like cancer for instance. Anyway, the amount of nicotine present in the electric cigarettes is lower, and it can be adjusted by the user that wants to quit smoking for real. That is how these kinds of cigarettes come more as a help in the fight against smoking. The health risks are more diminished for an electric cigarette than a normal one, which is another reason for why people should quit smoking right now.

Using e-cigs properly

In addition, there are people that use these kinds of cigarettes for their own fun. They inhale the flavors and feel good, and this can turn into a habit too. But when it comes about people that want to quit smoking, the electric cigarette can be quite efficient. For instance if a person really wants to quit smoking, it can take the process slow by having an electric cigarette and start using it. After a period of time that person can decrease the nicotine level that will also decrease the chances in the process of smoking. It is not an easy task though, but not an impossible either. On the other side, when use it excessively, a person will need more the older cigarettes and start smoking more, which is a bad effect. Otherwise, when using for fun, electric cigarettes can turn into another tool of making people smoke more.

Electric cigarettes are less risky

Anyway, when using an electric cigarette the user can choose to have a certain level of nicotine. Compared to the normal cigarettes that contain a high one, the electric cigarettes can turn into a less risky option for people that like smoking. In case a person has never smoked before, but uses an electric cigarette, for sure the risks are quite bigger, so it is not recommended to use them for any other person than the ones that have used cigarettes before. With a lower level of nicotine, the electric cigarettes also have lower chances to make people feel bad and have health issues like couching in the morning for example.

Electric cigarettes interdictions

Even though they are quite useful when it comes about quitting smoking, there are also some dangers a person has to take in count when choosing electric cigarettes. For instance the law allows children to purchase these kinds of cigarettes as they do not contain tobacco. Make sure your children do not have any contact with these devices as they can turn into real smokers in time. And more when thinking that these products are available in different flavors like fruits that are more close to children. Another danger is based on the idea of becoming addictive to them. A person can use the electric cigarettes all the time, even in bed or in places that are for no-smokers. Take in count the idea of using this cigarette as a way of quitting smoking, and do not create a habit by using it all the time.

The thing is that electrical cigarettes can imply health risks for people that have never used before any other cigarette. But compared to normal cigarettes, the electrical ones include way less risks. That is because the vapors created are not harmful, but with the normal cigarette the smoke can have a bad effect. Even the passive smokers around can have health issues because of excessive smoking of people around them.